The “Surabharati Samiti” was established on 21st April 1970 by an enthusiastic band of Saṃskṛt scholars and lovers of the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. The main object of the Samiti is to popularize Saṃskṛt language and encourage its study. Saṃskṛt is the greatest cultural heritage of India which reveals the true religion, philosophy and culture of our nation. Apart from the Vedas, the Upanishads and great epics Saṃskṛt abounds in famous works of prose, poetry and drama. Comprehensive knowledge relating to various disciplines viz. Social sciences, Life sciences, Physical sciences, Astronomy. Astrology, Geography etc. are available in Saṃskṛt language. In fact there is no discipline which is not covered by Saṃskṛt language. Saṃskṛt is the mother of many languages including some of the West. The Samiti’s object of popularizing Saṃskṛt is sought to be acieved in various ways.
  To run classes to propagate Saṃskṛt and make it a spoken language.
  To conduct monthly meetings where participants are encouraged to speak in Saṃskṛt for a limited time on a subject of general interest.
  To conduct elocution and essay competitions in Saṃskṛt language.
  To conduct seminars and meetings where the woks of great authors like Valmiki, Vyasa, Kalidasa, Bhavabhuti etc. are discussed.
  To maintain a reading room and a library in its own building.
  To strengthen the Indian culture and tradition.
  To publish an annual issue covering the year long activities of the Samiti.
  To undertake publication of noted works o great authors.
  The Samiti proposes to expand its academic activities to the level of research in various fields with emphasis on the treatises in the relevant subjects in Saṃskṛt. It also proposes to work in association with renowned organizations in Saṃskṛt at National and State level..

Samiti is located in its own building since 1975 within the campus of Osmania university It is in the vicinity of Institutions of various disciplines providing an ideal atmosphere to pursue learning. It has the advantage of attracting the youngsters towards Saṃskṛt language.

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